Top 5 cam sites recommended by CamGirlO team and other respectable sources, check our list and read honest and brief reviews.

1. Camlis

Camlis First Place

There is a quite extensive offer of cam sites on the Internet these days and finding the one to frequent in might look like an easy task, but it’s not at all. There are a couple of criteria you can use to measure these sites against each other and you will find out how stacks up to the competition.

First, the interface is really simple and utterly elegant which puts in a good starting position. You can find your quick links right on the index page and all other parts of the site are never more than a click or a two away. For those of you who already know what to look for, there is a powerful search bar that will speed up the process of finding it. The content on is nothing short of spectacular and there are plenty of models online at any given time. The part that really puts this site ahead of the competition is the functionality.

Everything works flawlessly and nothing turns your attention from the action. You can preview every channel and private shows are naturally paid for, but the pricing is really competitive and they accept all known payment processors.

The absence of any ads and beautiful design make this on of our top choices of cam sites in the market today. A 4.8-star average user rating Camlis received only bolsters our review and make it more credible.

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2. XLoveCam

XloveCam second place

Visiting a cam site usually ends up with you browsing a tiled layout of available models and picking the ones that catch your eye. offers something a bit better and we think this should be a standard in the industry as well. This site features an extensive filter interface right on the index page. It may look a bit cluttered but in all honesty, it really isn’t. All the sorting options are there and what they do is really incredible. Instead of browsing through the endless selection of random models, with just a few clicks you can be browsing through the index of models that match your specific taste. This will both shorten the time of you finding a perfect cam girl and increase the pleasure you get since you will be able to suit your desires. Even with so many options right on the index page, the site manages to look nice and designers really got it right with

The content quality and quantity are at the highest of levels and should be sufficient for both casual and experienced visitors. All cam models offer a free preview and public chat and for paid shows, there are a lot of payment options available. The site works really well and even with extensive usage and more than a couple of active cam sessions, there was no glitching or inconvenience of any kind. A solid 4.75 average user rating should paint a picture for you.

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Likenudes is one of those sites that will either thrill you or it will leave you indifferent.

The reason we think that way is the stylistic approach they took with the design. You can find the orientation tabs on the main page and that’s about it. For the free users, that is the extent of filtering options there are. And like we said, if you like it simple, you will fall in love with But for a more experienced visitor who likes to have a lot of customization options, these options mean a lot. The overall look of the site is quite lovely and the model selection is really extensive. The lack of other content besides cam shows might be a plus or a minus, depending on what you are looking for. The functionality is great and every model offers a free preview, but if you want to enter a public chat, you will need to create a free account. For those looking to get a private show, there are plenty of payment options and the setup process is fairly easy.

One thing we did notice is that girls like to keep busy on, so you can get a lot of enjoyment even in the free section. Like we said, you will either love or be indifferent to Likenudes, but a 4-star rating should be a good indicator that this is a quality cam site with great content.

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4. MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams fourth place

We really gotta say, surprised us quite a bit. First of all, we really like the retro design with lots of small tiles on the index page. It made us reminiscent of the times when cam sites were in their infancy and internet porn was precious.

The interesting approach they took poured over into the interface as well, and there are plenty of filtering options at a click away at any time. So finding a specific model in the see of available cam rooms won’t be a difficult task at all.

The selection of models is quite extensive and it features amazing girls that are pleasant and chatty. Almost free cam room we opened had at least a dozen of active chat members and the conversation was lively and fun. For the visitors wanting to get a private show, there are a plenty of payment options and the process shouldn’t take you more than a minute to complete. The quality of the shows is not even up for debate and having hundreds of visitors in more than half of the rooms should really paint a picture for you.

As far as pure cam site go, there is hardly a place on the Internet with more action than Even with a free account you can have a lot of fun and get tons of pleasure, and getting a private show is really a threat hardly found on other cam sites.

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5. ImLive

Imlive fifth place is one of those sites that takes some time getting used to. It has a simple design and the interface could be a bit more intuitive, but that is a thing of taste and preferences. Other than that, there is nothing else to be said about that isn’t in superlatives.

First, the amount of available content is really good and there are tons of models available. We like the fact that offers categories many of the other sites don’t and this really makes a difference. Adding to that, the site has more than 20 localizations and it performs really well.

There is a great diversity when it comes to the model selection and if you can’t find a girl that excites you on, you won’t be able to find her anywhere on the Internet. Most of the girls are willing to entertain you even in the public free view and chat, but it’s the stuff they do in private shows that really accents the value of this cam site. Entering a private show is quite easy with the plethora of available payment options, and more importantly, it is worth both time and money invested. Most of the girls have an average user rating of over 4.5 stars and that should be a good indicator of the quality of their private and public shows respectively. And to top it all, the top hosts charts are updated regularly and they will keep you in the loop regarding top performers.

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